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Meet Our Farmhouse Pets

Little Farmhouse Preschool has several pets that our students will learn about and help care for.  

Our Silkies:
Whitney, Mariah & Gwen
Hen-Girls Group Shot.jpg

We have three silkie hens- Whitney, Mariah and Gwen. They have beautiful feathers that look and feel like fur. Our girls lay eggs approximately every other day. They are calm, sweet and extremely friendly chickens (especially with children) that love to follow us around the farm.

Our Tortoises:
K-Ci & JoJo
Tortoise-Mr. Grumpy.JPG

We have two desert tortoises, K-Ci and JoJo. JoJo's is unknown but we do know that he loves to eat and keep to himself. K-Ci is our smaller tortoise and he is around four years old. He is a lively boy that loves to follow people around. He loves to eat and socialize. Both of our boys love kids. 

Our Mini Pigs:
Tupac ShaHog & Piggie Smalls

Piggie Smalls and Tupac ShaHog are our mini pigs. They are very sweet and love kids and all the treats they feed them. They even love special days when they get to run around the yard with the kids. 

Our Bengal Cat:

Bruce is the BEST kitty in the world! He is everyone's favorite because he has the sweetest personality. We rescued Bruce from a shelter after a breeder turned him in when he was about a year old. He makes friends with everyone and every animal. He is almost nine years old but still loves to play like a kitten at times. His favorite thing to do is sit by the glass door in the sunshine. He loves kids, hugs and attention. 

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