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Linda, January 2021

My daughter joined Little Farmhouse in Summer 2020. It was very important to us to find a preschool setting that is nurturing and safe. We wanted to make sure the opportunities are endless for her to learn, grow and socialize esp. during the Covid-19 pandemic. We love the curriculum and activities because it’s so diverse and fun for the kids; it’s a mix for different type of learners. Ms. Stacy and Ms. Tina are wonderful teachers; their education, background and special training made it an easy choice for us to send our daughter there.

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Laura, January 2021

When I started my daughter here last fall, I was very nervous about covid. At the same time, I knew that she needed a chance to play with other children while I needed to be able to work without constant interruptions. Little Farmhouse Preschool has done those things for us and more. They are very diligent about not taking sick kids and she has only had one cold in the last 4 months (versus an average of 2 a month at her previous preschool, along with yuckies like rsv and hand foot & mouth disease). Stacy and Tina are both amazing and have both education (much more than is typical at the preschool level) and experience in early childhood development. Most importantly, however, they love my daughter while working with her on everything from preschool academics to age appropriate responsibilities (like picking up and waiting your turn) to helping the kids play well together. Whenever there has been any issue they have promptly addressed it. My daughter also loves the garden time and the animals - she tells me all about Whitney, Mariah, Gwen, Piggie Smalls, and the fish. All in all I am glad to have found this preschool.


Erica, January 2021

Our son has attended Little Farmhouse Preschool for the past 6 months. We highly recommend this neighborhood preschool program. Not only is it a safe and welcoming place, Stacy and Tina are extraordinary teachers and they truly go above and beyond to engage and communicate with families. They understand my son and what his strengths and challenges are. My son has grown so much socially and emotionally thanks to this program. Of course, he adores the farm pets and is really attached to them. Additionally, we appreciate the health precautions the preschool is taking during this time. We are so grateful we found this preschool and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

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