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At Little Farmhouse Preschool, we provide hands-on play-based learning opportunities in a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment that helps children grow and develop in and out of the classroom.


We take pride in our highly qualified and caring teachers. We share a commitment to creating a community with our families through inclusive practices and support and open communication.  We strive to provide a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment where children can express and celebrate their individuality. We believe that experiences rooted in nature allow children to connect and grow to their full potential physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Little Farmhouse Preschool takes pride in its reputation for quality education and strives to uphold and promote values and principles, which encompass fairness and honesty.


It is our number one goal to provide the kind of environment and influences that encourage all children to become creative, independent, compassionate, responsible, well-rounded, self-directed adults who can make decisions for themselves. Our desire is for excellence in meeting the needs of children and their families for nurturing, growth and development, relationships, and understanding. We know that not all children have access to quality education, gardens, and animals; our intent is to provide this type of education that is affordable and accessible to all. To be able to do this, we try to keep our costs low and tuition affordable. We also have spaces set aside for students that are funded through local subsidies that help provide education to students with identified families.

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